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What is Seller Financing?

Seller Financing is an option a home seller can offer a prospective home buyer; the seller agrees to extend a promissory note to the buyer, rather than a buyer obtaining traditional financing from a bank. By doing this, the homebuyer makes payments to the seller and the seller reaps the benefits of compound interest. The seller has the same rights as a bank in case the buyer defaults on the note. Rates and terms are agreed upon between the buyer and seller.

What are the benefits of Seller Financing?

Seller Financing is a great way to create a long-term passive income stream secured by a lien on the property sold. It’s a far better alternative to other volatile high-risk Investments, such as the stock market. The best part of offering Seller Financing is the property doesn’t always have to be owned free and clear for it to work for you.

Why You Should Offer Seller Financing

  • Maximize the money you can receive when you sell your home – Seller finance allows you to receive a premium price when you sell, and it does not require an appraisal. It allows you to take advantage of compound interest for the term of the loan, sometimes up to 30 years.
  • Create a long- term cash flow – Perhaps you lie awake at night wondering how you can afford to retire. Or perhaps you need to create another source of income to help with living expenses. Regardless of the reason, Seller Finance can help provide you additional money each month.
  • Defer Capital Gains Taxes –    Selling your home or rental with seller finance means you can usually stretch the amounts you will be required to pay in taxes throughout the term of the loan.

Why have I not heard of this before?

Most home sellers are not informed of this option when selling a home. Most real estate agents do not understand seller financing well enough to properly explain the enormous benefits it can provide to the home seller. That is precisely why Ineos was formed. We believe more people would use this option to sell their home if they understood this well-hidden secret in real estate.

The Ideal Candidates for Seller Financing are:

Those in need of a supplemental income –  Seller finance can add much needed income and improve a monthly budget or it can help fund an underfunded retirement plan.

A landlord looking for an alternative passive income with less hassles  –  Seller finance eliminates the hassles of Landlording while keeping the passive income in place. It eliminates the bad tenant experiences associated with being a landlord.

A landlord looking to sell real estate without paying high capital gain taxes  –  A home seller can often be surprised at the high costs of capital gains taxes. Seller Finance allows the seller to defer capital gain taxes.

Maximize the price you get to sell your house –  A home seller can maximize the sales price of their home when using Seller Finance. The process requires no appraisal and buyers with limited options will not nitpick you on the sales price, the refrigerator nor the color of kitchen appliances.

Your house may not qualify for a traditional bank loan the buyer needs-  Maybe your property does not meet the bank standards. Seller Finance eliminates that worry. The seller becomes “the Bank” when Seller Finance is used. That means “YOU” determine what you will accept, not a Bank executive.

Home seller that needs a method to make their Home Equity work for them – Seller Finance allows the seller to convert home equity to note equity. More importantly, it allows the seller to receive the interest charged on the loan extended to the buyer. The bank normally receives thousands of dollars when a loan is made to the buyer, now “YOU” the seller get to keep that interest income. This option allows you to earn a higher interest than bank CD rates with a secured investment unlike the stock market.

How it works?

Our company is unique; we walk “YOU” the seller thru the process every step of the way.

  • Everything is fully explained to you –  We explain everything to you before you even get started with selling your home.
  • We have a Certified Real Estate Agent you can use – We set you up with one of our certified agents to list your home. These agents are well versed in Seller Financing and understand how to market your property properly, creating what we call “The Big Splash Effect” .
  • We help you screen all prospective buyers so you can choose the best candidate Our company helps you screen all prospective buyers. We extract a credit report on the buyer, verify income documentation and help you make a sound decision by using our proprietary underwriting system. We provide you a recommendation on whether you should accept the buyer, as well as the amount of down payment and interest rate that should be charged and collected.
  • We prepare all lending disclosures – We prepare all disclosures for “YOU” the Seller and buyer to ensure full compliance.
  • We help you close a transaction quickly – The best part is we can usually close these escrows in 7-14 days.
  • We provide the Seller additional cash, if needed – Once the note is created, we can advance “YOU” the seller more money if needed by purchasing a part of the note payments that will give you more cash at closing or shortly thereafter.
  • We have over 50 years of underwriting experience – We have underwritten and approved thousands of loans during the past fifty years. We understand all the complexities involved in Real Estate Finance and you receive our vast experience and put it to work for you.

About Us

Louis Conde


Louis Conde entered the real estate finance industry in 1991 in California. By 2003, he discovered some hidden secrets that banks would rather he not share with you. 

Today, his mission is to show homeowners how to receive an additional several hundred thousand dollars from the sale of their house. His passion is helping others by sharing these secrets and changing people’s lives, one home seller at a time. He is an expert in real estate finance and started Ineos to share his strategies and knowledge with those looking to make smarter investments. He understands the importance of needing to provide for your family and for your eventual retirement. Ineos can be your blueprint for successful wealth building. He invites you to trust his many years of experience and to let him guide you on your path to real financial freedom.

Eddie Martin

Vice President

Eddie Martin grew up in a small town in Central California. At a young age he found a love for math and became rather good at it. He entered the consumer finance business at the age of 18 where he learned how to fund “make sense” deals. He was introduced to the real estate lending business and has served hundreds of clients for the last 23 years.

Eddie has a unique ability to decipher funding scenarios and figure out how to make deals work. He has a vast understanding of mortgage lending guidelines and a cunning ability to help his clients navigate the complexities of Seller Finance Transactions. In short, he simplifies the “how’s” and why’s” of real estate lending and explains them in an easy to understand manner.

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