The Ineos Plan

Seller Finance case study #1

My name is Louis Conde and I sold my home recently in Visalia California. A couple of real estate agents told me the most I could get was $355,000. It sold for $ 420,000.00. I used a well-kept hidden secret known as Seller Finance and it just blew me away!!! Was amazed by two things that happened. 1) I sold my home SUPER FAST, in two weeks, 2) I sold it for a premium price, 18.31% greater than I would have received if I had sold it in the traditional manner.  

The buyer paid a 15% down payment ($63,000.00) and I financed the difference ($ 357,000.00) using a 30-year term. I am set to receive $ 2,140.40 per month for the next 30 years.  

Here are how the two scenarios compare: 

Traditional method of selling my home would have netted me approximately $ 137,000.00, in my pocket, at the close of escrow. 

The Non-Traditional (Seller Finance) method will net me approximately $ 591,084.00 over 30 years. I almost created a retirement pension plan the day I sold my house. More importantly, I will earn almost 4 ½ times the amount I would have had I not used Seller Finance. WOW is right!!! 

I have sold many homes in the past few years and seller finance helps me close them quickly, sell them for a higher price all while generating a great monthly cash flow. What is your experience with seller finance? Please share your story.